Friday, 22 May 2020

School Campus Reopening!
We are planning now to reopen on the 1st of June! Please see the letter attached to the blog email for more information.

School Pictures
We need your childs picture for the yearbook! As we didnt have a school photographer this year, please could you take a happy face, head and sholders picture of your child. We will send you a link next week for upload.

Teachers for School Year 2020-2021
We are very happy to say that, even in these difficult times,  most of our teachers have decided to stay with us over the next school year!

Early Years
We will be saying goodbye to Tina who will be moving on to a new school but Azusa and Anita will be here, business as usual. 
Our new EY staff member will be Pam Ureta, who will also be the new Early Years Coordinator. She is a very experienced early years teacher with a lot of PYP experience. We are very happy to have her joining us, she made a great impression with us, very friendly and positive so a perfect fit for our kindergarten team!

Rainbow Room - Anita
Butterfly Room - Pam
Unicorn Room  - Azusa

Primary School
In these uncertain times we wanted to make sure that the students had as much certainty as possible. So instead of having new homeroom teachers in August we will have our current teachers moving up with the students. This will also give good continuity for learning, when the teachers can just pick up where they left off. 
-Ms Faye will move into the pre-school position. She is a very experienced teacher, who has worked a lot with early years teachers in the past, and has worked closely with many of our current kindergarten students, so it makes sense for her to take them upto preschool.
-Ms Ramani will move up to Grade 4, and Ms Jamandra will move into Grade 2. 
-We will unfortunately be saying Goodbye to Mr Rich, who has done a great job as our Grade 3 teacher, but will also be moving on to develop his career.

Pre-School - Ms Faye
Grade 1 - Ms Shirai
Grade 2 - Ms Jamandra
Grade 3 - Mr Brabant
Grade 4 - Ms Ramani
Grade 5/6 - Ms dAmours

Letter from Ms Pam Ureta, our new EY Coordinator/teacher

Dear Parents, 

I am Pam Ureta, an educator, and an excited new member of the DSKI learning community. This coming school year, I will be working closely with the Early Years team to support the teachers and to provide your children with a creative, fun-filled, and inquiry-based learning experience in school. 

Teaching has always been my passion. I have been involved in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education for the past 17 years. Throughout my career, I have immersed myself in the process of learning from those whom I teach, and from institutions that have equipped me with strategies that I can utilize in the classroom. I have taken my credentials for a Master’s Degree in Special Education in the Philippines, and continue to be involved in trainings provided by the International Baccalaureate Organization. 

Early childhood education is the foundation of my career in teaching. I have been a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 8 years, and I have had the privilege of opening my own early childhood learning center in Manila. I have designed programs that target the different facets of child development for children ages 2 to 7 years old. I have also collaborated with private companies in creating workshops and designing daycares for preschoolers. My diverse experience in early childhood education has given me a profound sense of purpose as a teacher, and has solidified my philosophy in molding young learners. 

Throughout the years, I have become an advocate of lifelong learning. I believe that the foundational years during preschool play a crucial and significant role in developing a child’s love for inquiry and discovery. 

I see the value in creating an environment that promotes holistic learning through play and exploration, and the importance of building and bridging relationships for young children. Their years in preschool is a celebration of their individuality, and their roadmap in learning about the world and how to navigate through it. 

The opportunity to work with and learn from the DSKI community is a new adventure that I am excited to take. I look forward to meeting you and your children this coming school year. I am delighted to partner with you in developing your child’s love for learning. 

Pam Ureta
DSKI Early Years Coordinator