Friday, 12 June 2020

Yearbooks 2020
Our newly designed yearbooks will arrive on Monday (15th) morning. We will pass them out to the students who have ordered them on Monday and then to the rest of the school Tuesday when students are on site. 

We are really very happy with them, they look really nice and a very big thankyou to Ms Brabeck and Br Huber for stepping in and taking over when our interns left, who would have normally made them. Ms Natalia, a new designer who did all the setting out, will continue working with us and also produce next year's yearbooks.

Wake up Shake Up
We are very happy to announce the return of Wake Up Shake Up next week. Thankyou Gemma and Henri for the good idea!
As usual, main gate Grade 2, 4 and 5/6, yard gate Pre-School, Grade 1 and 3. 
Students will go directly onto the yard with their teacher, keeping social distancing and then Mr Waite will lead the students on the yard before they go upto class for their last day.

Library Books and Computers
Please return all library books and computers which were borrowed whilst the school was closed. We still have a lot of outstanding books, if you could please give them to your homeroom teacher on your childs last day.

Bus Lunch and Club return of Fees Final Call
The June 4th deadline has passed now for a discount on next years tuition fee option, so if you could please let us know where to send a money transfer here.

Summer Camp
Many thanks for the tremendous response for summer camp! We have now closed registration and schedules and timetables will be sent out next week by Ms Faye.

Yes, its that time of year again!
We will soon start making plans to have our Oktoberfest, any parents who are interested in helping out, please contact the PTA chairperson.