Friday, 11 September 2020


Earthquake Practise Drils

Yesterday we had our first earthquake drill and tsunami evacuation practise. We are happy to report that everything went smoothly and from start of drill to end of evacuation. We will continue to hold practise sessions through the year to make sure that we are fully prepared to act immediately if anything should every happen.

Annual General Meeting

23rd September, 7.00pm 


You will soon receive a letter from the board inviting you to register for the online AGM. We will be using Zoom for the meeting, so we hope all parents are comfortable with that.

Rental Accomodation (Flyer attached to weekly email)

Looking for a great place to live in Kobe? I have several houses, apartments and rooms available to rent, on a short-, mid-, and long-term basis. Many of our properties are in the Hankyu Mikage area and ideal to commute to DSKI. Have a look at the PDF with our properties! For more information, contact Anna at 

International Scarecrow Designing Competition

Join Peace and Nature scarecrow designing competition!

Japanese application page

English application page

Girl Scouts 
5 - 17years old
We are happy to promote the Girl Scouts which is starting soon at the Entente building on Rokko Island Please see the flyer attached to the weekly email. First meeting will be Staurday the 26th September.

School Hat Sale
If you are interested in our school hat sale, please click here to buy for your child!