Friday, 16 October 2020

Coronavirus and Communication to the Community
We would like to thank all our community members for their patience and support this week due to our coronavirus experience. We have learnt a lot and updated our policy which we will publish again this week.

One of the biggest points from parents feeding back to us was about information. We held back due to our concerns about personal privacy, however we see that people need to know more details and it is our responsibility to communicate this. In future we will send out more details to the community.

And please remember, we only want essential visitors onto the campus. Lets not get too relaxed.

Parent Teacher Conferences
12th - 23rd October

Grade 4 Assembly
21st October

Next week will be our first assembly of the year. To avoid visitors on campus, we will pre-record the assembly and next week we will upload it to our  YouTube channel.

23rd October

We will have our Halloween next week as the real halloween is actually in the school vacation. Once again our PTA have done a great job!

Just a reminder dont forget costumes!