Friday, 18 December 2020


Happy Holidays to all
We wish you season's happyness and a relaxing break! Its been a very nice first term, given the circumstances everything has gone very well with all students safe and happy.

Many thanks to our fantastic PTA for organizing our last day Christmas extravaganza!

If you are interested to make a traditional seasonal German fruit drink for your child, click the image below. 
We will leave it to your imagination what you can add for the adult version!

Teacher Information
We are sad to say goodbye to Anne Barton today, as she will be leaving us. This is because Pam Ureta will be arriving at the start of January to take up her position as the new permanent teacher for kindergarten yellow team and also the Head of Early Years. Anne has done a great job, its been really nice having her here and we look forward to the next time she is in school helping us out.

We are also happy to say that Ms Hanna Moriguchi will be joining us as a teaching assistant in Early Years. She is well known to us and to many parents as she is also the daughter of Anita, our Pre-Kindergarten teacher and she is also a former student of DSKI!

Primary School
We are pleased that Mr Stefan Mayr will continue with us in the new term. As well as teaching German to the lower primary school students, from January he will also be working with the lower primary school as a support teacher in the unit of inquiry lessons.

Calendar 2021/2022 
Thankyou to the PTA class representatives for giving feedback about next years school calendar. You can see it below and we will add it to our website shortly.

You can see that there is a slight change with two additional half days, in October and February. These will be for the parent teacher conferences, when we will close at 1.00pm and meetings will be scheduled in the afternoon. As the classes are getting bigger, its harder for teachers to squeeze the meetings in during the week, so we hope this will make life a bit easier. We do understand that some families need their children looked after until 3.30pm due to work, so we will run a child care system.

Another change is that there will be no teacher training day for 2021/2022 as we have introduced a two year staff training cycle. 

The first year of the cycle we run an in-school training event run by a educational institution such as we did this year. 

The second year we will send some staff one by one to external workshops. For example the International Baccalaureate runs many excellent workshops throughout the year at various locations in Asia and the rest of the world. When travel reopens, we want our staff to be able to go and join these. Not just for the training but also for the opportunity to network with other IB teachers and exchange ideas about good practise, which they can also bring back to DSKI.