Friday, 28 August 2020

Our New Programme of Inquiry for 2020-21
We are happy to publish our new programme of inquiry, if you goto the School Programme and Information tab at the top of the blog you can access it there.

At our parent meetings tonight your homeroom teacher will go through the units and we will also give you information before each unit starts.

We are really sorry to say that we will be stepping back from our intention to run clubs for semester 1, 
based on the recent experiences you may have seen in the local news about clubs being an easy way
to transmit CV19. We want to make sure our students are as safe as possible, so we apologize for the inconvenience.
We are still hoping to run clubs later in the school year.

Early Arrival and After School Care
We understand that some families rely on care until 4.30pm, so we are happy to say that we have early arrival supervision
7.50am - 8.45am and after school supervision from 3.30pm until 4.30pm.

Please note that the numbers are very limited to avoid running a big group with a higher risk of cross infection.
Applications will be assessed on a need basis. There will also be a small charge for the service which would need to be
booked for the semester  -
Morning supervision 2,000 yen per family per session
After school supervision 2,000 yen per family per session
Both morning and afternoon supervision 3, 000 yen per family per day

Please note only full weeks can be requested, not individual days or dates. This is so we can properly secure a


Please click here to register

Mr Kanase
We are very sorry to say that our new Japanese teacher Mr Kanase will be leaving us from today. Due to sudden personal reasons he wont be able to continue. We are happpy to announce that Mr Furuta will rejoin us until a permanent replacement is hired.