Friday, 14 August 2020

Welcome back!
Our staff have been in this week getting everything ready for the students to arrive next week. Planning, resources and of course our heath and safety procedures. And we are happy to confirm that we are going above and beyond the local authority requirements in all areas.
(You will see in our office, we have a protective screen at the counter. Please dont pass and go to the secretaries desk!)

You will be receiving an email from your homeroom teacher this afternoon welcoming you to the start of the new year. All staff will be at the arrival gates on the 20th to meet and greet you and the students and show them into school and upto class for the first day back.

And we are especially looking forward to the 24th when our new preschool class will join. Its always great to see this age group nervous with their cones, and then the confident and literate children they become by June!

Class Meeting
28th August, 6.00pm
We will hold our start of year class meetings this year via online platforms, so no need to come into school. Your teachers will send you invitations shortly, but for our new families, its a chance for parents to meet each other, hear from the teacher plans for the year and also to elect the class representative. This role is the link between parents and teacher and also the person who will attend our Parent Teacher Association to reperesent the class community.